Why Talk About L.A.?

L.A. night

So the first question you are probably asking is why am I even talking about L.A.? Isn’t there enough publicity already? It’s covered in pretty much every TV show. It’s where all the big name actors and athletes come from, so we all know about it. I think that’s why I want to talk about it actually. Because all people really know is what’s portrayed by the media. All the glamour and high profile stuff that goes on is great, but there’s also another side to this town. Why not talk about that too. I’m only one person with limited experiences, but you might find some of them interesting.

I spent most of my life split between the West coast and the East coast. It’s a lot of ground to cover for a kid, but I managed to do it. Not on my own of course. My parents being split up and living on opposite ends of the country had something to do with it. I’m sure you would be surprised to know that they were both trying to get into acting. . . you know, movies, TV, stage. Anything where they might get there big break. They actually met in California, where they had me, but as you could imagine. things didn’t go so smoothly and mom got the chance to go to NY for a Broadway performance and dad stayed in L.A. since he was doing stunt work for some movies. Typical family problems.

It was a cool way to grow up I guess. I got to see a good deal of behind the scenes stuff on a few movie sets with my dad. It wasn’t like he could bring me to work every day, so I didn’t really get immersed into that life. The behind the scenes stuff in NY was pretty cool too. There wasn’t as much special effects and the performances were a bit more refined and raw. I thought they were both interesting, but the real fun for me was just being in L.A. and seeing how life actually happened outside of a studio or theater.

There was always something to get into, and as a kid, I definitely got into my fair share of trouble, but managed to make it out ok. You had music, sports, gangs, drugs, girls. Pretty much anything a kid could want. I dabbled a bit but never got in over my head, thankfully. It was a giant mess of a city and I loved being there. Hopefully you’ll see why.

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