Living in NY

So NY. There’s so much to say. It’s an awesome, chaotic, loving, scary place to live. It’s so incredibly diverse. It brings a whole new level to people watching, which I spent a lot of time doing. As far as hobbies go, it’s not a bad one for NY.

While there were some similarities to L.A., like the business men and the junkies, most of the people there were just so different because they were being themselves, no matter how weird or unique it was. They weren’t trying to fit in. They were just living their lives and didn’t care what people thought about it. We stayed in a small apartment in the Village and were surrounded by hippies, artists, gay and lesbian activists, free thinkers, actors, and plenty more. It was always entertaining and you never knew what you were going to see. As I was now apart of that community, I came to realize that even if some of these people didn’t get along, there was this understanding. They were all there together, coexisting and were happy to be a part of NY. Maybe it was just some hippie dippy vibe, but I kinda liked it. It was nice not feeling judged because nobody really cared about anybody else. Even though I was surrounded by people, I felt a little alone, and I was ok with that. It’s true that New Yorkers are hard asses. Even if you were soft originally, you change. That’s how you survive living there.

Anyway, since my mom was acting, I got to spend a lot of time in theaters all over town, from small rooms to Broadway stages. It was a cool experience getting to see how things happened from back stage. It was interesting, but honestly, watching rehearsals over and over again got boring, so I went out to explore a bit on my own.  I would sneak off sometimes and just walk around town. I got to know where all the good pizza spots were, and that’s really half of the battle of living in New York. Don’t waste your time eating crap when you have some of the best pizza Bleeker St Pizzain the world at your finger tips. Everyone has their own taste, but one of my favorite spots was Bleeker Street Pizza. Big slices, thin crust, and they nailed the sauce! I’d make my way over there a few times a week. You gotta eat healthy as a kid.

It wasn’t L.A., but I liked it there. I wasn’t really making friends, but I was meeting a lot of people, mostly people on stage with my mom, and just taking it all in. The longer I stayed, the less I actually wanted to go back to California. There was something relieving about getting a fresh start here. My first stay in NY lasted about 5 weeks. It was a good 5 weeks.


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