Memories and Perspective

Memories are what make us who we are. Memories of family and friends, experiences that shape us. What we remember about our past leads us in a certain direction for our future. We each have them and that’s why we are who we are. Everyone is different because we all had different paths and different views of our memories. Some people choose to see things in a negative light, where others can see things in a positive way, no matter how bad the situation actually was.

I feel like I had a more positive perspective on things. I tried to make the best out of whatever was happening. Of course I got sad and complained, and fought with my parents, but who doesn’t. No one’s perfect, and I don’t even think I’d want to be. Dealing with problems helps us figure out our personalities and knowing yourself is a very important thing.

I’ve always tried to be open minded and take the third person’s point of
view. It’s easy to be self centered while living in L.A. That’s what that town is all about. I grew out of being that typical kid who just wanted to party and get with girls. After a while it got old. So I ended up reading because it gave me a perspective outside of my own. A book that I read a while back that I really liked was “How To Deal With Adversity“, by Christopher Hamilton. How to Deal With AdversityIt was an eye opening read, but not particularly an easy on. I can’t say it was a page turner or that the whole thing applied to my situation at the time, but there were certain parts that I was able to take away some golden nuggets from. He compared parents and children to chemicals. Some mix well together, while others don’t. It makes it easier to deal with family members when you look at them like this. I realized that their personalities aren’t something I can change, nor should I try. We live our lives in our own ways and make the best of it. Sometimes things work out in relationships, other times it doesn’t.

Coming to that realization helped me live with both my parents rather comfortably even though one was in California and the other was in New York. I stopped being mad at them and started looking at it as an opportunity for me to experience more. Why settle for Los Angeles when I could have New York too.

I guess I just wanted to make the point that finding perspective was an important part of me growing up, no matter where I was. All those memories of the crazy times I had could have made me an angrier person. I could have blamed everything on everyone else and tried to escape through drugs or girls or anything really. Luckily I was able to accept my situation and make the best of it. I can only wish that same thing for anyone reading out there. Whether life is good or bad, it’s all a point of view.

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